The two components that will clean the kidneys.

 What to do if the kidney stone?

What to do if the kidney stone?
Kidney is an important part of the body, it is no longer unknown. The toxic body comes out of toxic and unnecessary substances. Kidney disease is enough to make a man physically endangered.

So you want to keep kidney good. Healthy foods, salts and sugar to eat good amount of kidney, eating less and exercise, etc. are important.


There is also a domestic way to help keep kidney clean. To clean the kidneys in this domestic way, only two components will be taken.

And this water and coriander leaves. Using these two components, health care providers have given way to cleaning kidneys. How to create: A glass of water, three glasses of water Boil the water in a pan and boil it with a powdered coriander. Must have at least 10 minutes to boil.

Then put down the drink from the oven and keep it aside for cooling. Now drink the drink. Drink at least one cup of this drink daily to remove the toxic substances from the body through urine.

But before eating any food, take the advice of the physician to understand the condition of the body. If there is kidney disease, many restrictions are given in the diet. So it is better to know the doctor if he or she should drink the drink without kidney disease. Health