What if the national positive

 identification is lost or wrong? 

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If you have got lost your national positive identification, if you're wrong or need to do new ID? several additionally suffer from the misconceptions of national positive identification. many folks World Health Organization need to urge new identity cards also are ignorant regarding it. don't shrewdness to try to to, wherever to try to to, what to require, etc. And if you follow some strategies to unravel this downside, hopefully everybody can profit.

After submitting the shape, submit the acknowledgment (received number) from the project counter when submitting it to the required counters. In it. there'll be a mention date of the revised national ID card. among seven days of this date, the revised ID card from the counter are going to be taken.



The Name of the Name, Father, Mother, Husband, mate and Guardian of the card, Birth Date, people And Address could also be changed or modified. For this, the somebody can got to Apply For the written report 'Preparation of elector list with exposure and help to the national card Project'. This Application also can be worn out the Format or kind obtainable at the Project workplace on the Seventh floor of the Islamic Foundation Building of Agargaon.

Date of birth correction Those whose educational qualifications are SSC or equivalent will have to submit certified photocopies of SSC or equivalent certificate with their application. If the age difference is not unusual, then the revised identification card is delivered on the date mentioned in the acknowledgment. In case of unusual changes, the original copy of the certificate may or may be required to participate in the hearing. The investigation is investigated.

Name Correction:

If somebody needs to correct his name, father, husband or mother's name within the credentials, then he ought to submit it with the application-

SSC or equivalent certificate

Citizenship certificate

Birth certificate

Job certificate



Photocopy of father, husband or mother's national positive identification.

These documents connected with the application must be attested. In the case of the document mentioned in this case, only that will be given. For example, whose educational qualification is less than the SSC, he will not have to submit the photocopy of SSC or equivalent certificate. If someone does not work, he will not have to give a job certificate. If you do not have a passport then you do not need to give it.

Change name:

In order to change the name of the national letter, the application should be submitted with the application attested photocopy of SSC or equivalent certificate (not required to be given below educational qualification), attested photocopies of the wife or husband's national identity card, affidavit in the magistrates court, and name changes published in the national paper Ad copy For change of name, the candidate will have to appear on the day of the hearing along with the original copy of the documents in the project office.

Change the name of the father or mother:

To change the name of the father or mother, submit the application with the SSC or HSC or equivalent test certificate or registration card. Photocopy of attested photo of father or mother. The father or the mother or both of them should be given the attested photocopy of the identity of the brother or sister. In relation to changing the name of the parents, the concerned officer can interview the applicant.

Adding or excluding husband's name:

After marriage, if anyone wants to add husband's name to national identity, then he will have to submit the cabin name and his national identity card with the application. If you want to exclude the husband's name due to divorce, the applicant has to submit the attested copies of the Taluknama.

Blood group correction: To correct the blood group, the medical report must be submitted.

Miscellaneous Corrections
No names, titles, titles, etc. can be attached before any name in the national letter. If you want to mention the father or husband or the mother as dead, then the death certificate has to be submitted. In order to correct identity cards, the person's identity card should be submitted in the name of the deceased father or husband or mother by mistake.

Lost identity card:

If the identity card is lost, then it is necessary to mention the general number (GD) by mentioning the voter number or ID number in the concerned police station. After this, the acceptance of acceptance of GD's original application form along with the application form from the project office will be submitted in the specified counters. Duplicate credentials are delivered on the date mentioned in the acknowledgment of receipt.

Address correction:

There is a chance to change the current address and voter area in the National ID card. But this opportunity is not available throughout the year. It can only be done when updating the voter list. Currently the update is done only in January and February. Asked about why there is no scope for voter turnover throughout the year, Debhasish Kundu, the communication commissioner of the project, said, "Elections in the Union Parishad, Municipality, Upazila, City Corporation and Jatiya Sangsad are different at different times in our country. It is seen that there are multiple elections in the same year.

In the same year no one can vote in the union councils, municipalities and city corporation elections, so the voter area is not allowed to change the whole year. "When the updating of the voter area is updated, the new address will be given from the office of Upazila or Thana, To fill up the Form-14, apply to the upazila or thana office.

But there is an opportunity to modify amendments (if spelling, house number, road number is incorrect) without changing the address. There is a chance to change the permanent address or to correct any of its information. The scope of minor address corrections or change of permanent address remains throughout the year. 

For this, the application will be submitted to the specified counters of the project office, copies of any of the household's identity card, copies of any one of gas, electricity, telephone bill or tax copy. Further to the Chairman or Ward Councilor's certificate will be submitted. In order to change the permanent address, the attested photocopies of the land or flat documents in the name of your father or mother or father will be submitted in that address.

Those who do not yet pick up the credentials:


Those residents of Dhaka City Corporation (without Demra, Jatrabari, Kadamtali, Shyampur Police Station) have completed all formalities for identity card in 2007-08, but they did not bring them to the respective office, they will be able to collect the identity card by submitting the original receipt in the project office.

Outside the DCC, residents of other upazilas or police stations of Dhaka district or residents of any other district of the country will not be able to collect identity cards by submitting the acknowledgment receipts along with comments of concerned upazila, thana or district election officer if they do not withdraw their identity card at certain time. Their acknowledgment receipt will be accepted by submitting them to the respective counters of their original receipt project office. Their credentials will be given on the date mentioned in the acknowledgment of the acknowledgment.

To get a new national ID:

Only one person in Bangladesh will be eligible to enroll in the voter list if he is 18 years old. The process of creating server stations in every upazila of the country is underway. The work will be prepared and distributed in these stations. When they start 18 years of age, they will be able to name the voter list. Now, after completing 18 years of age, there will be opportunities to create national IDs for those who have to go abroad for medical, education or work. There must be evidence of any such requirements.


To know details of the electoral rolls, contact the voter list with photograph and provide assistance for national identity card. In the seventh floor office of the Islamic Foundation building of Agargaon in the project.